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couverture comics Carnaval


The Mask T4

Date de parution : 4 février 2022

Éditeur : Délirium
Illustrateur : Sibin Klavkovic
Scénariste : Rich Edden
Coloriste : Sibin Klavkovic
Collection :
Série : The Mask
Catégorie : Mondes décalés
Public : 18
Isbn 979109091694

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Description de Carnaval

The Mask T4 Carnaval is set in the vibrant city of New Orleans during the exciting carnival season. The story revolves around Eric Martin, a desperate man who is searching for his sister, Jill, who has been put under a dangerous voodoo spell. Meanwhile, a notorious crime lord and horror film producer, Papa Croc, and his accomplice, Ogoun, a powerful voodoo sorcerer, use Ogoun's supernatural powers to fund their macabre productions. Krasler, a toy company employee, unexpectedly stumbles upon a mysterious mask that transforms him into a criminal seeking revenge. At the same time, inspectors Kaloway and two others team up to investigate a series of gruesome murders that are taking place in the city. Each character's path intersects in a twisting and turning narrative, leading to an action-packed and explosive finale.

Critique de Carnaval

The Mask T4 Carnaval offers two well-crafted stories that will surely satisfy any fan of the genre. Although the narrative is classic for a police drama, the writers take the time to develop each character with care, allowing the reader to connect with their motivations and actions. The first story written by Rich Edden is paired with artist Goran Delic's outstanding artwork, which is both eerie and cartoonish. Delic's unique style produces stunning visuals that perfectly capture the lively and colorful backdrop of New Orleans. The second story, written by Bob Fingerman, is a solid case written in the style of David Fincher’s Seven, with a madman staging his revenge crimes. The artwork by Sibin depicts each crime scene through slightly more digitalized but still high-quality artwork. Both stories have fluid layouts and an abundance of great dialogues, making it an effortless read. However, the stories do not necessarily revolutionize the comic book genre, but that does not detract from the overall enjoyment of reading them. Furthermore, this volume features original and gorgeous covers by Kyle Hotz, which add an additional level of enjoyment to the anthology. The Mask T4 Carnaval is a fantastic and fun read that can be enjoyed independently from the previous volumes of the series. Overall, it is a very enjoyable read that deserves a place in any comic book collection.
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