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couverture comics Le Masque contre-attaque

Le Masque contre-attaque

The Mask

Date de parution : 8 octobre 2020

Éditeur : Délirium
Collection :
Série : The Mask
Catégorie : Mondes décalés
Public : 18
Isbn 9791090916609

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Description de Le Masque contre-attaque

The Mask II: The Hunt for Green October is a comic book series written by John Arcudi and illustrated by Dough Mahnke. The story revolves around four roommates - Ben, Hugo, Ricky, and Archie - each with a unique personality. Ricky is frustrated by the disappearance of Big Head since his explosive fight with Walter, the giant, and refuses to believe that he is dead. He discovers the mask, which he believes can help him bring order to a corrupt society, and puts it on, but everything spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Inspector Kellaway, who has returned to the police force, senses the malevolent return of the mask and tries to stop it from causing more chaos. The mask passes from hand to hand among the friends, and Walter, who has returned from the dead, seeks revenge. It's a bloodbath!

Critique de Le Masque contre-attaque

It's hard to believe that some readers missed out on this gem of a comic book. While some of the earlier stories were released in France in 1996 by Dark Horse France, The Mask II: The Hunt for Green October is an incredible read with a level of energy that jumps off the page. John Arcudi's script is punk, irreverent, and engaging, with plenty of humor and irony. The first panel, where Hugo remarks, 'I mean, I'm eighteen. I could vote...if I wanted to,' sets the tone for the mediocrity of the four friends. But it also highlights the early 90s' sense of malaise, which Arcudi captures so well. He later specialized in horror stories, but his sense of street dialogue is evident throughout The Mask II. One of the standout scenes is where Hugo, the junkie wearing the mask, sees his friends as zombie clowns. He's so scared that he wants to remove the mask, but it has taken on the form of his face. The author seems to suggest that we cannot escape our vices. Dough Mahnke's artwork is incredible, with a bold yet readable style that mixes the thick inks of Juan José Ryp with Jaime Hernandez's linework. The result is an energetic, inventive, and visually stunning book, with a hyper-dynamic layout that complements the story. The Mask II: The Hunt for Green October is a must-read for fans of alternative comics.
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