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couverture comics Mutafukaz 1886

Mutafukaz 1886

Date de parution : 18 mars 2022

Éditeur : Ankama
Coloriste : Simon Hutt
Collection :
Série : Mutafukaz 1886
Catégorie : Western
Public : 18
Isbn 9791033512776

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Description de Mutafukaz 1886

Mutafukaz 1886 is a western-style comic book published by Ankama. The story takes place in 1886 in Hawk Canyon, California, where Vinz and Angelino are on the hunt for gold. Although the region has already been prospected by other adventurers, Angelino stumbles upon a beautiful piece of gold that could make them rich. However, a mysterious gunslinger tries to steal it from him, and Angelino manages to trick him by giving him pyrite instead. After selling their gold, the duo decides to have a good time at a saloon but ends up in an accident. Meanwhile, unknown black-clad bounty hunters are on the lookout. The story is action-packed, with plenty of enemies and humor, infused with a lot of energy by the scriptwriter Run. The artwork by Simon Hutt is dynamic and warm, with fluid staging adapted to the western universe.

Critique de Mutafukaz 1886

Mutafukaz 1886, a spin-off of the Mutafukaz series, doesn't disappoint. Ankama's decision to compile the 5 small periodical comics into a proper compilation was a good idea, as it gives readers the chance to enjoy this western-style reboot. Run's script is captivating from the start, despite the challenge of imagining Vinz and Angelino in a western setting. The story incorporates a lot of action and humor, making it both entertaining and intriguing. The characters are well-developed, and the enemies they face, such as gunslingers, bounty hunters, and the Machos, add to the excitement of the story. Simon Hutt's artwork is magnificent, with highly dynamic strokes and warm colors that add to the western aesthetics of the comic. The fluid staging allows readers to follow the story seamlessly and enhances the visual appeal of the comic. Overall, this compilation does justice to the quality of this spin-off series, providing readers with a fresh perspective on the Mutafukaz universe from a new angle.
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