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couverture comics Aliens : Resistance

Aliens : Resistance

Date de parution : 24 juillet 2020

Éditeur : Vestron
Illustrateur : Robert Carey
Coloriste : Stéphanie Hans
Collection : Collection Brian Wood
Série : Aliens : Resistance
Catégorie : Horreur - aventure
Public : 18
Isbn 9791095656302

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Description de Aliens : Resistance

Aliens: Resistance tells the story of Zula Hendricks and Amanda Ripley as they team up to thwart the plans of Weyland-Yutani, who seeks to use the aliens as a weapon of war. The duo must face illegal experiments on a moon with aggressive Xenomorphs. While the plot is not particularly original, the daring choice to bring these two heroines together in one story is handled well by Brian Wood. The illustrations by Robert Carey are quite impressive and dynamic.

Critique de Aliens : Resistance

While Aliens: Resistance may not have the most original plot, it is still an interesting addition to the Aliens universe with its consistency with previous entries. However, what sets this comic book apart is its bold decision to bring together two female protagonists in Zula and Amanda, and it succeeds in giving readers more insight into their personalities. Robert Carey's illustrations are also impressive, with just the right amount of dynamism and intensity. Dan Jackson's use of color is also superb, setting the tone perfectly for the different moods of the story. Despite its flaws, Aliens: Resistance shows a lot of promise for future adventures with Zula in Aliens: Rescue.
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